Taipei City to pilot unmanned buses next year, upgrading technology


Taipei Municipal Transportation Bureau is expected to trial the unmanned bus next year, selected in Xinyi Road bus dedicated road, late-night time test. It’s also expected to open up the public test ride. The pilot plan has now been sent to the Ministry of Economy for review, after the approval of the test license plate can be obtained on the road, scheduled to be expected to land test in the second quarter of next year. If the vehicle driving in good condition free trial rides will also be made available to the public, with unmanned buses to be operated between 0 am and 2 am, and then gradually extending their journey times.

The Transport Bureau, together with the domestic manufacturer Turing Company, promoting the unmanned bus pilot plan. The unmanned bus will be piloted in Xinyi Road, all the way from Jingfumen (Zhongshan South Road) to Keelung Road, the whole road is more simple bus lane, no need to change lanes. And selected in the people, traffic flow of the late-night time test, minimize the impact on passers-by and run for a few months with an empty vehicle.

For the public most concerned about the safety, according to the current regulations, the trial phase of unmanned buses still needs to arrange a person with the vehicle. If there is a sudden situation or system failure, then manually intervene in the operation, the speed is also maintained at about 30 kilometers to avoid accidents, while monitoring the driving conditions of vehicles through the remote monitoring system. In addition, because Turing Company has tested unmanned vehicle in Taichung Lihpao Resort and Taoyuan Agriculture Expo, the system has a certain degree of stability.