Electric Barrier-Free Park Vehicle of Tron Energy Technology launch in Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park

Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park promotes the "Six-Year Long Range Program for the Carving of Green Beads", which will improve old facilities and vehicles such as song and dance pavilions, national theaters, cultural relics pavilions, traditional exhibition buildings, visitor service facilities and park wagons. Including two new electric barrier-free park vehicles, combined with indigenous artist painting, which will be launched on the 6th.

These two new electric barrier-free park vehicles, in addition to the design of the use of barrier-free vehicles, convenient for the elderly or wheelchair users to ride smoothly, but also combined with indigenous artists painted. The indigenous culture painted on the body , one of which symbolizes the friends made with distant cups, the other is a symbol of beauty and gathering of double butterflies. It's full of strong indigenous manner.

On the 6th opening ceremony, the director of the Culture and Development Center, Zeng Zhiyong, invited the elders of the Good Tea Tribal Cultural Health Station to feel more comfortable, convenient and barrier-free park vehicles. Elders with reduced mobility can easily push their wheelchairs upstream and visit the entire park, all call convenient.

The chairman of the Original People's Congress also took the upstream park vehicle experience, call smoothly, he said, vehicle-picking electric vehicles in response to the government's green energy policy to improve the park's air quality. As for the whole project, it is expected to be completed in 2023, when the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park will be transformed into a park that values human heritage, environmental protection and green energy technology.


source: https://www.chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20191207000054-260405?chdtv