Tron Energy received a EV bus order from Thailand

Tron-e announced that following the delivery of the EV bus chassis to Indonesia last year, it has received a new EV bus order from Thailand this June. The order will be delivered in Q4. Meanwhile, Tron-e has gained investment from a listed Thai vehicle industry company and it was approved by the MOEAIC.

It is said by Tron-e that Thailand is one of the most important vehicle production hubs in ASEAN, which exports more than one million vehicles per year. To cooperate with the local company not only enhances the EV bus market penetration rate in Thailand, but also helps Tron-e deploy their business in the future ASEAN market.

In addition to EV bus, Tron-e has also obtained orders for power train solutions of electricity 3-wheeler and BESS, which will be delivered in Q4 and Q1 next year. The new EV bus order and the investment from Thailand have achieved the internationalization of Tron-e’s market. It is also an important milestone for Tron-e to enter the ASEAN market. Tron-e will continue cooperating with Taiwan government’s New South Bound Policy and proceed to obtain the international resource and business cooperation for Taiwan’s EV buses and new energy industries.