Tron-e to export electric bus chassis

Yihan Li, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES

Electric bus maker Tron-e Technology will begin to ship electric bus chassis to Indonesia at the end of May 2020 and then India after the country lifts lock down restrictions, according to the company.

Tron-e said it has cooperated with electric bus dealers and/or assemblers in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore to cope with local regulations concerning electric bus operations. It will first obtain certification for its electric buses in a client's market before the client places orders for models on demand, Tron-e noted.

Based on conditions of electric buses running in China, as temperatures rise by 10 degrees Celsius, service lives of battery packs will decrease by 50%, Tron-e indicated. To cope with high temperatures in Taiwan, Tron-e has developed battery packs with a liquid cooling system to prolong their service lives, Tron-e said, adding such battery packs can handle high-temperature environments in Southeast Asia.

An electric bus chassis (front) made by Tron-e Technology