Tron Energy enters ASEAN and South Asia markets

CVNews  05/14/2020 

Tron Energy 12 M low entrance electric bus

Electric buses have been one of the key projects in the development of public transportation in various countries because of their simple structure and zero-emission advantages over diesel vehicles. The Taiwan Government has also spared no effort in promoting green energy transport, and the Ministry of Transport has continued to subsidize electric buses and encourage domestication, as well as to assist relevant operators in expanding overseas.

On May 12 this year, Tron Energy held a launch on the results of the layout of overseas markets at the Taoyuan plant and shared the chassis and body of two right-hand-drive electric buses to be exported to Indonesia and India. The biggest feature of its electric buses is its own patented liquid cooling battery pack, which ensures longer system life and higher accuracy to meet the harsh climate challenges of tropical countries, according to Tron Energy.

In addition, Tron Energy can be in response to the needs of different countries for body safety and related regulations, tailor-made suitable body structure, to show the "root Taiwan, the Ministry of the world" strong ambition.


Tron Energy patented liquid cooling battery pack module