• Electric Baggage Tractor

Electric Baggage Tractor

Electric Baggage Tractor
 Characteristic Unit Parameter
 Model TE-25Le
 Rated traction kg 25000
 Gross vehicle weight kg 3700
 Dimension Parameter
 Overall length mm 3170
 Overall weight mm 1440
 Overall height mm 1450
 Wheelbase mm 1600
 Front wheel tread mm 1230
 Rear wheel tread mm 1200
 Towing coupler height mm 305/405
 Ground clearance mm 150
 Turning radius mm 2950
 Performance Parameter
 Speed (loaded/unloaded) km/h 11/27
 Front axle load kg 1430
 Rear axle load kg 2270
 Max drawbar pull kN 25
 Mileage km 215
  Drive Motor
 Rated power kW 28.7
 Rated torque N.m 112
 Rated RPM r.p.m 2420
 Rated voltage V 50
 Rated current A 408
 Insulation grade H
 Working voltage V 80
 Max working current A 550
 Power battery
 Battery voltage/Capacity V/Ah 72/816
 Battery energy kWh 58.7

Tron-e reserves the right to modify above specifications
The power battery pack uses high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries and is
equipped with a superior battery management system to enable the battery to reach its
longest life

Best Energy Saving
High-efficiency motor and vehicle control system, good motor efficiency, equipped
with low-speed, high-torque motor for tractors, coupled with advanced energy
feedback management, to create the lowest energy consumption, better than the
similar class vehicle

The Best After-Sales Service and Availability
Experienced electric vehicle after-sales service team
Tron-e electric vehicles have the best availability, and the total mileage of electric
buses in Taiwan exceeds 8 million kilometers