• Battery Pack

Battery Pack

Battery Pack ODM/OEM
Tron-e provides Battery Pack ODM/OEM service from 18650 modules for 3C end products to ESS stationary battery packs, and customized UPS batteries different dimension/capacity power batteries for E-Bike/E-Scooter Starter Batteries for automobiles and stationary generators Tron-e for different applications, Tron-e can provide total solutions to customers to achieve mass-production mode in time.
Battery Management System
Master key technologies to design the most suitable BMS for a wide range of applications, allowing the battery to perform optimally for maximum life.

Intelligent Monitoring & Communications
Master system integration technology, providing remote monitoring and cloud computing overall solution, making maintenance more convenient and easier, saving manpower and improving the proper rate of products.

Customized Services
For different needs, using of the most suitable battery core, whether energy or power type products, customers could get the best price/performance products.

Thermal Simulation
Using the technology of battery thermal management on electric vehicles, a battery pack with high safety and long cycle life is designed, and a thermal simulation model is established for each battery pack to ensure the effectiveness of thermal management, and to simulate the vibration and impact of vehicle operation with stress, so as to ensure the durability and safety of structural design.

More than four wheelers of electric vehicles.