• 9 Meter Electric Bus

9 Meter Electric Bus

9 Meter Low Floor Electric Bus / 9 Meter Electric Bus

9 Meter Low Floor Electric Bus
Model 6,885
Dimension / Weight Length(mm) 8,850
Width (mm) 2,450
Height(mm) 3,166
Gross Weight(kg) 13,000
Motor Max Power (kW) 230
Max rpm (rpm) 2,450
Max Torque (N.m) 3,400
Max Speed (km/h) 90
Gradeability (%) 20
Battery Pack Rating Voltage (V) 614
Rating Capacity (Kwh) 140
Charging DC Charger
Cooling Liquid Cooling
Chassis Chassis Monocoque
Transmission None (direct drive system)
Steering ZF Power Steering
Suspension Air suspension with ECAS
Brake Air Brake with ABS
Tires (mm) 255/70R22.5
Body structure Passenger capacity Body Monocoque
Bus type Low Floor
No. of seats (No. of passengers) 21 + 1 (32)

Tron-e reserves the right to modify above specifications

Remarkable Appearance

  • Spacious
  • Low Floor
  • Well soundproof


  • Liquid Cooling System make the battery pack working temperature at least 10 degrees lower than the others for best Lifespan

Battery Pack – Vibration Test


Battery Pack – Patented liquid cooling system

Energy Saving

  • Equipped with the multi-phase motor and control systems, which use a direct drive mechanism to obtain the power without any reductions (gearbox) to obtain a greater power efficiency


  • Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Multi-Phases Motor for better efficiency and reliability


Motor Controller

  • Dual core DSP controller and vector control to obtain faster function, safety and reliability. Variable-frequency control to achiever great torque in low speed and smooth motion in high rpm. Adopting latest technology of IGBT module to have a more stable performance and heat resistance


  • Equipped with the Hill Auto hold System

Motor Controller

  • Dual CAN Bus and 32 bit processor, equipped with Auto Hold System and Power Management for regenerating to reduce energy consumption


CAN data cloud

  • Monitoring
  • System optimization
  • Pre-maintain

Dual gun 80kw DC Charger

  • 20% SoC
  • Standard Charge 4 Hours
  • Fast Charge 2 Hours